Why Oxygen for Healthy Living ?

........Oxygen and Magic........

Oxygen and Magic

So trivial! Oxygen

Everything in our life

depends on it

How could I live without you?

Energy, happiness, digestion, our immune system, our ability to use vitamins, must all have lots of oxygen constantly, and our body cannot fully repair itself without it and proper minerals missing from the modern food.

It is one of the important elements found in nature.

Without its essence, life will not exist.

It is free and inhaled abundantly from our environment.

If CARBON would be one of the great lords of the world, OXYGEN is its king. The earth on which we tread is full of it.

Live And Dream Between Land and Sky

So far as we have penetrated hitherto into the interior of the globe,

we have found king Oxygen everywhere:

hidden under a thousand forms, connected with a heap of substances,
not one of which could exist without him;

Imprisoned in a thousand combinations, and always ready to resume his natural condition if his prison-house would be destroyed.

We inhale air needed for chemical process inside the body (metabolism), and we exhale carbon dioxide, the waste product of metabolism.

Metabolism of food can only be efficient in its presence. This is the chemical process that provides us energy and makes us alive.

A human body can live without food for forty days, live without water for five days, but cannot live without air beyond five or six minutes.

All body processes need it for their function.

Healthy living means making positive choices that enhance our personal physical, mental and spiritual health and are affected by where we live, work, learn and play.

Keeping ourselves informed about positive health practices within our environment is an important way to improve our overall health and sense of well-being.

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle" - Albert Einstein

Is Oxygen one of the paradoxes and mysteries of life?

Nick Lane, The Molecule that Made the World,
From Chapter 1: Elixir of Life and Death

"Is oxygen the Elixir of Life, a wonder tonic, a cure for aging, a beauty treatment or a potent medical therapy? But many of us still see only the good side of the gas. Is it really an elixir, or a poison, or both? And how can we tell the difference?"

How does the "air" fit in our Body such as breathing, digestion, metabolism and how we seek mystical or healing properties in a colorless, odorless gas as O2, its action against diseases, or looking for strategies to supplement our body in a form of liquid or gas you’ll find out by exploring these pages.