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The resources and hypertext links provided on this Web site has introduced you to a vital part of your body that’s easy to neglect – your immune system. The information are offered in good faith and for informational purposes only, and do not replace the care by a qualified health practitioner.

This page is consisting of links that connect to the most useful sites. These Web sites include quality information designed to improve overall knowledge and understanding of keeping well, living long, and making the very most of your life.

It is meant to be a guide for Healthy Living.

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  • Using Wikipedia as a research tool
    Main articles Wikipedia: Researching with Wikipedia

  • Health News International Inc. Resources
    Volume14 * Number 8 "Doctors Recommend Liquid Oxygen Formula"
  • Success, Achievement & Motivation Tips, Tools & Resources Discover powerful self improvement programs guaranteed to improve your attitude of doing, helping you achieve your success. Build confidence in meeting challenges and turn problems into opportunities. Look for Success Through Personal Power and learn how you can live happier, healthier and a wealthy life.
  • Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation – Articles
  • Read Acid-Alkaline Balance and Your Health

  • by Virginia Worthington, ScD

    The late Dr. Worthington had a Master of Science degree in nutritional sciences from the University of Maryland and a doctorate in International Health with a specialty in nutrition from Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health. In addition, she studied herbal and nutritional medicine with several herbalists and traditional healers. Dr. Worthington had 13 years of experience in various aspects of nutrition including research, community nutrition, nutrition education and clinical work with individual patients using nutritional and herbal therapies. She had a private practice in Washington, DC and wrote about many healths related subjects. PPNF recommended book: The Acid - Alkaline Balance Diet by Felicia Drury Kliment

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