Breath is the vital force or spirit of a living person

You can't see, hear, or feel in your breath the germs, but hundreds of billions of micro-organisms - from bacteria to viruses to fungi and parasites - surround us hours a day. They are in the air we inhale and in the water we drink, and they cling to virtually every surface on the planet.

When it comes to treatments for sinus you are facing a lots of pain and distress that is unable to bear sometimes. Eventually, there are many cures in the form of medications and therapies that are available for sinus.

Normally the sinus infection starts as a cold due to natural factors such as weather changes or due to an allergy that causes swelling of the mucous membranes and increased production of watery mucus for a particular period. Are you getting sick more often than usual? Do you get sniffles even if you’re not really doing anything out of the ordinary? It might be the air that revolves around your room. Fortunately, you can greatly limit your exposure. You need an air purifier to be safe from these microscopic fiends.
There are a number of different ways to increase the oxygen saturation of blood and tissues:

Deep breathing

Breathing may be considered the most important of all the functions of the human body, and all the other functions depend on it.

A human body in its normal state had no need of training in for that. Like the lower animal and the child, he breathed naturally and properly, as nature intended him to do, but civilization has changed him.

He has contracted improper methods and attitudes of walking, standing and sitting, which have robbed him of his inheritance of natural and correct breathing. He has paid a high price for civilization. The savage, today, breathes naturally, unless he has been contaminated by the habits of civilized man.

Read further how the Hindu Yogi controls the human body breathing, increasing its mental capacity, and develops the spiritual side of its nature by the "Science of Breath."

Improper respiration causes oxygen deficiency. Use the full capacity of your lungs by expanding both the chest and lower abdomen. Practice deep inhaling for a few minutes every day. If you feel depressed, try inhale more deeply. Don't hold it.

Read further about Breathing here. This page is a fragment from the book "What a Young Woman Ought to Know" by Mary Wood-Allen.

Deep breathing also contributes to moving the lymph.

Aerobic exercise increases the capacity of the heart to pump blood and increases the capacity of the lungs.

Just by walking will bring you the healthy benefits as: Lower Cholesterol, Lower Blood Pressure, Stronger Joints, Reduce Stress, Look Younger, Feel Alive and why not Make New Friends.

Recent scientific research found that relatively high-intensity aerobic exercise puts aging on hold for up to 12 years.

In spite of the fact that the human body requires oxygen for metabolism, low oxygen levels do not stimulate breathing.

Rather, breathing is stimulated by higher carbon dioxide levels.

Next: Fresh air

Increase oxygen amount of your body by allowing fresh air into every room of your home, using:

Air purifiers

Air Purifiers are devices that filter the air and catch unwanted contaminants. These devices sieve the air for dust, pollen, mold spores, smoke particles, and dust mite feces. These contaminants can either trigger allergies or cause respiratory problems to people that ingest them.

The air purifier acts as a respiratory shield by warding off contaminants and ensuring people that breathable air is being circulated around a particular room or space.

There are several purifying techniques developed to maximize efficiency in catching all types of air contaminants. Some techniques are more effective than others, when it comes to warding off a particular contaminant. That's why it is advisable to have more than one type of filter in a room.

With a plethora of air purification techniques available, you can select a type that best suits your health. Remember that with air purifiers, there is always a breathing of fresh air.

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Natural Air Filters

Plants shield against indoor air pollution.

So says the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) scientists measured the filtering capacity of specific plants by putting them into sealed chambers with toxic chemicals, then checking at 12-hour intervals to see how much of each chemical remained. The best performers: the Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm and Rubber Plant.

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Oxygen bars

Oxygen Bar

O2 bars is a trend that started in the late 1990s in Japan, and quickly spread east to California and Las Vegas.

Used for health and recreation as well, can now be found in many venues such as nightclubs, salons, spas, health clubs, resorts, tanning salons, restaurants, coffee houses, bars, airports, ski chalets, yoga studios, chiropractors, and casinos.

They can be found as a "People Magnet" at trade shows, conventions and corporate meetings, as well as at private parties and promotional events.

Oxygen Bar guests will normally pay $1.00 USD per minute to inhale an increased percentage of oxygen compared to the normal atmospheric content of 21% oxygen.

This oxygen is produced from the ambient air by an industrial (non-medical) oxygen concentrator and "inhaled" through a nasal cannula (AKA nose hose) for a period of 5 to 10 minutes - or even longer.

Canned OxygenProponents claim that this practice is safe and enhances health and well being, including strengthening the immune system, and enhancing concentration.

It has been alleged to alleviate hangovers and help with migraines, but no formal studies have yet confirmed any of these claims.

Individual flavored scents (aromas) add to the experience of your next breathing.

Oxygen Bar System, Multi Purpose Oxygen Generator or a portable, lightweight Oxygen Dispenser that gives you the benefits of increased oxygen or maybe even a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber at home that can help you with a variety of health conditions.

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What’s great about it is that the oxygen concentrator is a toaster-sized oxygen generator with many applications and is controlled by a programmable timer.

It uses NASA derived technology that utilizes unique molecular sieves to separate air into its constituent parts of Nitrogen, Oxygen and trace gases.

In the same breath I can tell you this: it is one of the smallest oxygen generators in the world, small machine that is ultra-quiet and virtually maintenance free because it has very few moving parts.

Canned Oxygen Canned Oxygen

relatively new product, is a canned gas sold for inhalation.

It typically contains only around 95% concentrated oxygen to avoid the problems of distributing medical grade oxygen.

Canned Oxygen may be flavored with flavors like "Mountain Mint" and grapefruit to make the experience more pleasurable.

The addition of this product will supposedly give the customer a boost.

The product is marketed as a healthy addition to the modern life, as a partner to purified water and natural food supplements.

Well this Oxygen Bar is the place where everybody can enjoy even the children.

Laughter is good medicine for reducing stress, enhancing brain chemistry

by Mike Adams

How do you actually reduce the levels of chronic stress in your body and enhance your lifespan, boost immune system function, protect your nervous system and your sanity, and give your endocrine system a much-needed rest? Fortunately there are several easy ways to do this. Let's start with the easiest one: laughter.

Laughter is a healing activity. You may have seen the movie called "Patch Adams," which is a movie about a real life doctor who still practices today and uses laughter as healing. He's quite correct in using laughter as a healing therapy, because it is one of the most healing activities in which you can engage.

Laughter operates on at least three different levels. They are the biophysical, the biochemical, and the bioenergetics’ levels. To read more about laughter and

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