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Is your water living, or dead?

Healthy body is determined by the oxygen we breath and health of our water we drink or bath.

The question is how can we promote this healthy water? Just because water comes in a bottle does not mean it is necessarily healthy.

Many plastic containers leak chemicals into the water causing contamination.

Furthermore, the water used to wash one’s body can be as harmful to the body as the water ingested through the mouth.

Without clean water, we cannot experience optimum health, but by practically every public health standard issued during the past 50 years, humans have not experienced optimum health.

One of the reasons for this fact is simple: the Earth’s water is in crisis.

Crisis from the Greek word krisis, meaning "turning point" or "point of decision" is exactly the right word to describe our present-day relationship with water, both nutritionally and ecologically.

The resolution of this crisis is so fundamental to our personal health and the health of our planet that we must look more closely at water than we look at any other nutrient.

What is happening to our water is simple: it is Drying Up; Getting Displaced and is Becoming Toxic.

Writing about water is not easy. I have distilled, filtered, purified, ionized and ozonated the best I could with what I believe. I know there are concerns with public utility water and the Earth’s natural resources. Yet, what’s the best way to clean it up?

What’s the most efficient way to filter water at home and ensure drinking safely? And what about all the new "scientific" waters, such as alkaline and "ionic" waters for better body balance (we want to be more alkaline) or micro clusters and M-water, which propose to hold together in different molecular balance to better utilize?

What water will allow us to hydrate our cells and tissues better?

I see all of this being explored more scientifically in the coming years. Since water is second only to air as our most important substance and body component, we really need to know the truth about it and how to make it work right in our body.

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The ozone water purifier is great for restaurants, dental offices, and home kitchens to purify your drinking water or washing fruits and vegetables.

Compared to other drinking water purification systems, ozone water purifier is design to kill bacteria and parasites, remove bad taste, chlorine, heavy metals, and bad odors. It provides safe, economical alternative to distilled or bottled water.

Ozone generator is water treatment system machine that can be used for home residential, commercial, swimming pool spa. This can provide natural health purifier, destroys algae, bacteria, mold, viruses, and prolongs equipment life.

Reduce pool water treatment chemicals 90% used while neutralizing them. In the swimming pool ozone generators improve sanitation, eliminates eye, skin, hair irritation and chemical odors, prolongs equipment life, and produces crystal clear water. It is Safe, Simple, and Effective.

The miracle of Food

Many experts agree that the nutrition and lifestyle decisions we make can make a big difference for healthy living.

It is not within the scope of this site to deal with the science of nutrition; but a few general principles may be given which concern the effect upon the system of the different classes of food.

Meat for example requires a large amount of oxygen for its complete burn. Food meat in general has a more stimulating effect upon the system and is more strengthening than vegetable food. There is, though, a drift to eat too much meat, and when its effects are not compensated by free outdoor exercise, it causes irritability and sometimes gout or arthritis and other problems.

Albuminous foods can be consumed longer alone without provoking disgust than can fats, sugars or starches. Carbonaceous diet taxes the excretory organs less than animal food. Meat is not necessary to life.

The human body must have nitrogenous food, but it needs not be in the form of meat. The estimate usually given is that meat should occupy one-fourth and vegetable food three-fourths of a mixed diet, but in many cases the meat eaten is much in excess of this allowance.

The proper association of different foods always keeps healthy people in better condition; however, there are times when it may be necessary to abstain from certain foods.

It may be well to bear in mind, that the protein compounds can do the work of the carbohydrates and fats in human being consumed for fuel, but the carbohydrates and fats cannot do the work of protein in building and repairing the tissues of the body.

A mixed diet is the only rational one for the human body. An exclusively vegetable diet, while it may maintain a condition of health for a time, eventually results in a loss of strength and power to resist disease. Therefore, it is necessary to include the approximate value of each foodstuff in balancing the daily dietary.

Wouldn't it be nice to never be sick again? Well you can surely help your cause by eating these common foods.

Live fruits, green vegetables and sprouted/soaked seeds and nuts are composed of water, which is water and mostly oxygen by weight and also contain vitamins and minerals.

They are also excellent sources of both alkalizing minerals, which help your cells stay at healthy pH, and anti-oxidants, which protect our cells from free-radical damage.

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Cooking food kills the oxygen and enzymes. An oxygen-depleting diet would consist of one high cooked foods "foods that harm" like: red meat, sugar, saturated fats, white bread, processed and frozen foods, and carbonated beverages. Switching to an oxygen-rich diet often brings immediate energy and a more vibrant face, skin and positive attitude.

Similar to hemoglobin, chlorophyll can also carry oxygen in the blood. Choose "foods that heal" rich in chlorophyll such as dark green leafy foods like spinach, broccoli, kale, mustard greens, and blue-green algae. Juice them for optimal results.

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"Antioxidants are bit players in the large cast of adaptations that life has made to the presence of oxygen in the air. We can only understand their role if we consider them in the context of the play as a whole."
Nick Lane
Chapter 1; Oxygen: The Molecule that Made the World.

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Minerals play an indispensable part in healthy metabolism and it is imperative that our daily food contain a sufficient quantity in proper proportion if we desire to retain or to restore health to the body.

It chemically considered the human body is one individual whole with its characteristic chemical basis being gelatine.

Oxygen is the medium through which chemical combustion is carried on in the body for preparing materials to enter into its composition.

The mineral salts make the solid basis of the various tissues and also serve as conductors or insulators of electricity in the body. The absence of one of them for a prolonged period is sufficient to explain widespread degeneration in the system.

These mineral elements are found in the first occurrence on the earth, but they are of no use to the body in that form. We cannot digest and assimilate inorganic matter no matter how finely it may be pulverized. Even so, plants can assimilate them from the earth and organize them in such form to make them smoothly digest by the animals and human body.

A varied and balanced diet provides all the essential minerals. The mineral content of foods varies according to the composition of the soil where the plants are grown. The value of getting minerals from food and also

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Iron's main function is to help red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body, and yet watch your Iron intake. The effect of iron overload is just as unhealthy as anemia.

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Sugar Energy Source and Enemy of Oxygen

Controlling the diet, especially the sugar consumption, is the first issue in controlling disease. Numerous persons these days admit that oxygen is cancer's number one enemy; but an enemy of oxygen in the body is refined sugar, which increases acidosis and thereby eliminates oxygen.

Sugar is the top energy source for fueling cancer cells, and it is found in great amounts throughout the modern diet. Consequently, is there any wonder that the incidence of cancer in the western world has proliferated many times throughout the past century!

In today's food industry, the presence of sugar is usually disguised under its many terms, such as saccharose, sucrose, fructose, cane extracts, corn syrup and so many other modern pseudonyms. Yet, it is notably found in many soft drink refreshments, so extremely promoted and devoured by millions everywhere in the world.

What about the sweeteners like aspartame? Can't they be used rather than sugar?

Yes indeed, they are regularly used as a sugar substitute in many diet drinks.

I'm sure you know which ones they are. However, what you might not be aware of, is about the long-term toxicity of these such products and the damage and illnesses to which they can lead.

Proof is accumulating and maybe one day it will be enough to have them taken off the market. However, as an option to artificial sweeteners, there is one entirely natural sugar-substitute readily available today which stands out above all the rest and that product simply goes by the name of Stevia.

Use Stevia as a calorie-free sugar substitute!

As a sweetening agent Stevia has almost zero calories, in contrast to table sugar that possesses 4.5 calories per gram. Stevia does not significantly alter blood glucose, and so is attractive as a sweetener to diabetics and those on carbohydrate controlled diets.

Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar and does not contain the negative side effects reported with the use of artificial sweeteners including aspartame. Because this high-intensity sweetener is non ferment able, non discoloring, maintains heat stability at 95°C and features a lengthy shelf life, it is value valued by the food processing industry. It can be added to cooked/baked goods or processed foods and beverages.

It has been used for over 30 years in Japan, where aspartame has been banned. Japanese manufacturers use it in cola, pickling, gum, ice cream and a wide variety of other foods.

Other countries around the world have also been using Stevia as a sugar substitute in food manufacturing. Major multinational food companies like Coca Cola and Beatrice foods use Stevia extracts to sweeten foods for sale in Japan, Brazil, and other countries where it is approved.

However, in Canada and the United States, Stevia can only be sold as a dietary supplement.

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