Oxygen Ionizers in Saunas

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     Before we can understand what are Oxygen Ionizers in Sauna we have to understand what are the Infrared saunas and how these work.

     Infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas in the sources they use to generate heat. Traditional saunas employ convection, the movement of heated air, and conduction, the transfer of heat through the surface of objects. Whereas infrared saunas make use of infrared heaters; these heaters produce infrared light that your body absorbs as heat (radiant heat).

     In terms of sauna hygiene, the high levels of heat that can be found in saunas are ideal for the buildup and growth of some microbes.  Although the majority of these microbes will be killed off relatively quickly at higher temperatures, such as 50°C and above. Using wooden benches in your sauna, as opposed to ones made of ceramic or plastic, are also better in terms of microbial hygiene. However, the build-up of dust and other detritus is relatively unaffected by these factors.

So what are Oxygen Ionizers in Saunas?

     Oxygen ionizers  are devices that, can be installed in infrared sauna, and purify the air of bacteria, dust, odor and pollen. Meaning they help to rid your sauna environment of any bacterial, or other microbial, presence able to withstand the severe temperatures. Tests conducted have found that these ionizers are capable of completely eliminating some strains of bacteria (Salmonella, for example) from the desired environment. As well as, ridding the air of any other particles that may prove to be problematic or invasive. Particularly significant in regards to those who suffer from hay fever, as oxygen purge any intruding pollen particles.

     These devices work by using a high voltage current to create a negative electrical charge in the air of the surrounding environment, known as ‘corona discharge’. The mechanics of an O ionizers are inspired by, and modeled upon, the discharge of lightning in nature. A minute current of electrons are carried along a needle-like conducting rod (inside your oxygen ionizer) to its tip, this, in turn, forces the electrons in closer proximity to each other. The negative charge each possesses means they repel each other, this, in turn, forces electrons into the air. Here they attach themselves to an air molecule and form a negative ion. As mentioned previously, these now negative charged particles repel each other, furthering the distribution of ions throughout the surroundings.

    This electrical charge, instigated by your oxygen ionizer, comprises of negatively charged ions (particles carrying an extra electron). These negative ions attract other, positively charged, airborne particles like pollen, mold, and some bacteria - positive ions require the extra electron of these negative ions in order to become stable. Upon contact two of these oppositely charged particles bond. It is through this ionic bonding that the ionizers effectively neutralize any invasive foreign particles present in your sauna.  Very small concentrations of Ozone are a byproduct of the oxygen ionization process, in minuscule quantities that pose no risk to users.

The benefits of Oxygen Ionizers and Sauna

     There are several other notable benefits that have been attributed to O ionizers and the negative ions they produce. For instance, they have been linked to the improvement of cilia function in your lungs, and the rest of your respiratory tract. This reduces thus reducing the chances of respiratory irritation or inflammation. Alongside the normalization of blood pressure and respiratory (breathing) rate. This is thought to be due to the blood’s absorption of negative ions and the corresponding neutralization of potentially harmful free radicals - an uncharged particle with an extremely short lifespan. As well as the regulation of serotonin levels, improving mood and quality of sleep.

     It is important to note that having an oxygen ionizer in place does not ensure your sauna is clean. When positive and negative ions bond in your sauna, they stabilize and fall to the floor. This can lead to a build-up of dirt and grime on the surfaces inside a sauna. Therefore it is imperative that you regularly sweep out your sauna, and wash any interior surfaces, to create a flawless sauna environment. With that, you have the combined benefits of a sauna and oxygen ionizer to improve your quality of living.


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