Laughter moves lymph and oxygenates your organs

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At the biophysical level, laughter moves lymph fluid around your body simply by the convulsions you experience during this process;

so it boosts immune system function and helps clear out old, dead waste products from organs and tissues.

Remember that your lymph system doesn't have a separate pump; your body needs to move around to properly circulate lymph fluid so that your immune system can carry out its natural functions.

Laughter is a great way to support that.

Secondly, this process increases oxygenation of your body at both the cellular and organ level. By laughing, you intake vast amounts of oxygen in huge gulps, and you repeat this process in a sort of temporary hyperventilation session. This is the natural result and if you watch someone laugh, you will notice these biophysical effects.

Now, why is oxygen so good for your body?

Oxygen is one of the primary catalysts for biological energy in the human body.

Remember, we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, so oxygen is an element of intracellular energy that's absolutely necessary to sustain human life.

This is one reason why we see an increasing number of so-called "oxygen bars" in the United States and other countries.

People enjoy going to these bars and breathing a much higher concentration of oxygen, because they say it gives them greater mental clarity.

They like the feeling of this extra oxygen: it's almost like that "natural high," as they say.

Oxygen is good for you, and when you laugh, you get more oxygen into the cells of your body. If you can laugh at an oxygen bar, that's even better!

The action of laugh also boosts circulation, so at the same time that you're distributing oxygen around your body, you're boosting the circulation of your blood;

You're also exercising abdominal muscles; you're exercising the muscles of your face; and you're enhancing the flexibility of various joints throughout your body.

So it's a bit of physical exercise and healthful body movement as well.

The harder you laugh, the greater this effect.

If you can find a way to put yourself into a state of rolling, outrageous laughter, you're going to get a fantastic physical workout from it.

In fact, the next day, you may even find your stomach muscles are sore. Have you ever laughed so hard that your stomach hurt and your facial muscles were exhausted?

That's some serious exercise, and it's the kind of exercise in which we should all engage on a regular basis.

The chemistry of laughter

Now let's look at the biochemical impact of it.

When you laugh, there's a lot more going on in your body than just the physical effect. You're also experiencing a biochemical benefit.

Your body manufactures chemicals based on certain needs and then distributes them throughout your body.

When you laugh, you generate a wealth of healing biochemical. For every minute of laughter you produce somewhere around $10,000 worth of healthy body chemistry. If you had to go out and actually purchase these refined chemical compounds from labs or pharmaceutical companies, you would have to pay at least $10,000 for the very same chemistry that your brain is producing free of charge when you engage in laughter.

Some of these are brain-altering chemicals such as serotonin; others are immune-boosting chemicals such as interleukin. If you were to make a long list of all the chemicals created by engaging in healthy laughter, you would have quite a list of healthy body chemicals that would carry a hefty price tag if you purchased them retail. And yet, once again, you can create these chemicals for yourself at no cost by simply engaging in laugh.

You will find that these chemicals have extraordinary positive healing effects on your body and mind.

They will boost immune system function; they will improve your outlook on life; they will tend to diminish any symptoms of depression; and because they help reduce stress, they will also prevent all of the various diseases and disorders that are caused by chronic stress.

In other words, it can help counteract the destructive, negative health consequences of chronic stress. It's a fascinating specialty that looks at the link between the mind and immune system function.

What researchers have found in this field is that your state of mind has everything to do with the functioning of your immune system.

By laughing, you can boost both your mind and your body.

But what if you can't find anything to laugh about?

Rent some funny movies. Join a comedy improved class. Imagine all your older friends wearing no clothes. Buy some silly finger puppets and invent a funny skit. Learn from children: they still know how to play and laugh. Find a way to get laughter into your life, even if it means being a little weird.

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